Company Policy

A-GLOBALENERGY mission is to realize the lump sum turn key projects, and to provide engineering, procurement and construction services for offshore and onshore oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, energy, nuclear & environmental  industries worldwide.

The prime objective of A-GLOBALENERGY is the performance of its activities to the total satisfaction of its customers, whilst giving due consideration to its partners, personnel and shareholders.

To this end, A-GLOBALENERGY focuses its efforts to :

  • Develop communication with its customers and partners to promote mutual understanding and alignment of objectives.
  • Deliver its products and services on expected schedule and budget, whilst complying with the applicable statuory and regulatory requirements,
  • Prevent harm to the people to protect the property and the installations, and to minimize impact to the environment.
  • Select rogourously its supplier and subcontractors based on their ability to supply product in accordance with the specified requirements ; establishing partenering relationships with its key suppliers and contractors
  • Reinforce the interchange and effects communications,
  • Encourage the motivation and devlopment of each employees trough participating management, and stimulate innovation
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and its process of the Company

The achievement of the above will ensure the performance, continued growth and financial profitably of A-GLOBALENERGY, and consolidate its position in its markets.