Quality Commitment

A-GLOBALENERGY’s  objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction.

By providing efficient services to develop safe, reliable and suitable projects which conform to all applicable requirements, A-GLOBALENERGY will achieve a quality performance that enhances its company strenght and worlwide reputation.

A-GLOBALENERGY’s performance is founded on its Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001 : 2008.

The Quality Management System Manual with the Standard procedures, prescribes the overall policy and required method to be implemented by all personnel.

The Chief Executive Office is ultimately responsible for the quality of A-GLOBALENERGY’s performance. The Manager of Quality Management System is charged with the responsibility for :

  • Maintaining the documented system for monitoring its effectiveness
  • Implementation
  • Training the Company’s personnel in Quality Management techniques.

The authority of the Manager of Quality Management system to overview all processes of A-GLOBALENERGY and to recommend and/or initiate improvements is fully supported by the Chief Executive Officer.

Quality objectives are established mainly throughout the process of the organisztion. They are continuously monitored and revised for their suitability to meet customer and Company expectations.

All employees are personnally responsible for upholding and enhancing the quality of A-GLOBALENERGY’s performance. They accomplish this by an extensive knowledge of their work, dedication to their tasks, awarness of the processes and procedures, standards and regulation that govern their work and appreciation of their role in the Company-wide team.

The confidence of our Customers in the quality of services provided by A-GLOBALENERGY must be continuously reinforced by  our dedication to maintain and seek methods of improving every element of our operations that contribute to total Customer Satisfaction