The primary objective of the completions team is to ensure that the facilities we design, build and maintain are inspected and tested safely, systematically and thoroughly before being handed over to our clients. This is to ensure that these facilities can be operated safely and reliably, while providing full traceability.

Preparation for the all-important and critical completions phase of a project begins as early as possible and is also thoroughly considered during the proposal phase. This allows us to identify potential challenges early on and manage them effectively, ensuring a path as seamless as possible through the entire EPC cycle until the final handover.

Our completions teams are involved in each project from the beginning, starting with the proposal stage and working through the engineering and procurement phases as well as early involvement in construction activities.

We take into account key considerations such as engineering design standards, numbering systems, system boundaries, defined structures and procedures, all of which serve to augment control and efficiency. The use of intelligent software also underpins our completions preparation activities, particularly in the early stages of a project.

We add value because we are able to :

  • Anticipate and address any potential problems in the early stages of the completions phase
  • Provide a seamless interface with the various contractors and other parties providing efficiency and focus on delivery
  • Ensure the early involvement of our completions personnel during critical engineering activities such as HAZOP/HAZID and final testing of equipment
  • Offer the full capability to provide support in training for operations and maintenance activities

Our integrated delivery approach provides a strong basis from which to commission and handover projects to our clients, having minimized the potential challenges that start-up and early operations can bring.

We ensure our deliverables are safe, reliable, operable, maintainable and fit-for-purpose.