Corporate Governance

The Board of Management (the "Board") recognises the importance of good Corporate Governance in directing the businesses of the Group. The Board is committed to the highest standards of the French Code of Corporate Governance and leading by example throughout its business operations.

Internal Audit

The Audit Committee (AC) has been established by the Board . Audits are performed with independency, impartiality, proficiency, and due professional care. Internal Audit Reports are tabled at the audit committee meeting. The AC will review, assess and approve the internal audit plans and programmes. The AC also reviews and monitors the responsiveness of the Board to significant audit findings.

Entreprise Risk Management

The Board places strong dedication and commitment of the highest standards towards effective enterprise risk management in-line with best practices in corporate governance guided by the French Code of Corporate Governance ("Medef"). An enterprise risk management approach aligns strategy, processes, people, technology and knowledge with the purpose of evaluating and managing potential risks to the company that may be exposed to. It enhances and encourages the identification of opportunities through continuous improvement and innovation.

Risk Management Statement

AGE Group is committed to implement an effective enterprise risk management framework to ensure sustainable business growth and promote a proactive approach in reporting, evaluating and managing risks associated within the Company, in-line with risk framework agreed to and accepted by the Risk Management Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Ethics & Compliance

The Board places strong dedication and commitment to the highest standards toward an effective Compliance function in-line with the French Code on Corporate Governance 2018. The Board also supports the Compliance role in reviewing the adequacy and integrity of the company's internal control systems and management of information system for compliance with Standard Operating Policies (SOP), relevant laws and regulations, rules and guidelines and industry directives.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics