Our engineers have a long history of design innovation that has led to a number of “industry firsts” in the industry.

Engineering consultancy

We provide pragmatic and measured advice and have developed ‘trusted advisor’ status with many of our clients. Our consultancy services span Energy infrastucture developments and include:

  • Advisory services – Facilities expertise.
  • Asset and facilities support – integrity, asset enhancement and modifications.
  • Dynamic simulation and transient analysis.
  • Flow assurance.
  • Late life asset management – production enhancement, concept studies, structural and cost estimating.
  • Operations support and production enhancement.
  • Process technology and studies.
  • Renewables – PV plants, Metanisation and Bio-methane facilities.
  • Safety and environmental engineering including ATEX studies
  • Pipelines engineering
  • Vibration analysis and acoustic engineering
  • Structural analysis and fatigue / life extension assessment


We provide scalable solutions to match the specific needs of each client. We then develop these into a more detailed design that will deliver the production or performance results required to gain successful sanction and approval of the development.
When we execute a FEED, we are committed to delivering security of cost and schedule with designs that are implementable and operable. We use our execution experience and operations knowledge to optimise these outcomes.
Our engineering team has a broad mix of skills, that can support concept development through to FEED.This skills base is augmented by our wider capabilities across fabrication and operations, enabling solutions that address constructability at outset.

Using this data enables us to develop solutions that reduce CAPEX, OPEX and schedule, while optimising safety and operability.
Our multidiscipline engineering capability spans:

  • Flow assurance and dynamic process simulation.
  • Process and facilities engineering.
  • Risk, safety, and environmental engineering.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Structural engineering
  • Weight and cost estimating.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Instrument engineering (control systems, field instruments, metering).
  • Pipeline engineering.
  • Piping engineering (stress analysis and materials).
  • Piping layout design.
  • Rotating equipment engineering.
  • Metallurgy and materials engineering.
  • Pressure vessels engineering.
  • Long lead items verification and procurement support.
  • Cost and schedule estimation.
  • Technology assessment.
  • Information management.

Engineering Execution

We execute projects wherever we are needed, delivering:

  • Project management.
  • Detailed design.
  • Procurement services.
  • Construction management.
  • Commissioning and start-up support.
  • Shutdown  and turnaround management.

We add value throughout the design process by challenging traditional approaches and exploring opportunities to implement cost saving strategies, to reduce total installed costs. This might mean thinking differently and specifying alternative materials or integrating engineering phases to improve schedules.
We take a construction-led approach to design; this means we design with ease of construction in mind, reducing problems and costs down the line. And the construction management guidelines that govern our construction and commissioning activities ensure that our engineering output is robust and conforms to our high standards.
We offer a range of contracting strategies, from small reimbursable man-hour projects and discrete detailed design and procurement contracts through to minor and major  modification projects, servicing Project Management Contractor (PMC), Owners Engineer and general engineering services framework contracts. And we will integrate our project development and execution capabilities where schedules dictate.
Our projects are supported by an engaged management team and experienced project managers and directors whose capabilities span the range of engineering disciplines.
During each and every project we aim to work collaboratively and transparently with you to meet shared goals.