Keeping people safe is our top priority. We strive to achieve zero fatality and no incident that harm people. We aim to make sure our operations are safe, prevent pollution and safeguard the environment.

Managing HSSE

At AGE, we aim to help meet the energy needs of society in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. To manage the impact of our operations and projects on the environment and society we have a comprehensive set of business principles and rigorous standards covering health, safety, security, environment (HSSE) and social performance (SP).

Our business principles provide high-level guidance and the Commitment and Policy on HSSE & SP reflects our aims on how we operate and involve communities close to our operations.

Those aims include:

  • Do not harm people
  • Protect the environment
  • Comply with all HSSE laws and regulations

Commitment on every level

All contractors and joint venture partners under our operational control must manage HSSE and SP in line with AGE Commitment and Policy, local laws and the terms of relevant permits and approvals. To help our staff and contractors to put the Commitment and Policy into practice we launched the HSSE & SP Control Framework in 2019.It includes a set of mandatory standards and manuals covering areas such as managing greenhouse gas emissions, impacts on biodiversity, road safety and security.

High standards of prevention

We are building a strong safety culture. We put extra focus on managing the most critical HSSE risks. We work with external panels and observers to mitigate these risks by enforcing compliance with vital controls, and effectively checking that controls are in place at all times.We are  certified ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The following measures are in place to execute our commitment to prevention:

  • Coordinating systematic preventive safety visits to worksites 
  • Providing trainings to ensure that our commitment to excellence in HSSE management is reflected.
  • Setting up workshops and brainstorming sessions to help identify hazardous situations 
  • Monitoring and documenting occupational stress and fatigue

Health, safety, security and environmental performance are key factors in evaluating and in selecting contractors.

Safety : a performance driver

For AGE, innovation in HSSE & SP procedures is a performance driver: it drives AGE’s growth and appeal, whether it comes from employee experience, information sharing within our businesses or customer demands.

Our HSSE Policy