Our advantages

We have a number of competitive advantages that will enable us to maintain and further increase our market position in the Energy industry. Our competitive strengths include:

Established Management Systems

Our Intelligence and regulations watch conducted by dedicated work groups, driven by accredited QHSE management systems, combined with AGE’s deep industry knowledge, provide a reliable approach to project delivery.

Project management skills

We can apply to each project the most updated integrated project management skills,covering entire value chain with an integrated offer, from feasibility study to unit start-up and follow-up throughout the entire unit lifecycle life.

Integrated Service Capability

AGE operates an integrated business model which provides our clients with innovative, efficient, high quality and cost effective project solutions across the project development life cycle. We continue to assist our clients to develop their operating footprint through optimisation, project expansion studies, capacity building and asset management improvement services.

Attractive Contracting Model

AGE’s ability to provide integrated EPC solutions with flexible contract arrangements has provided our clients with a competitive advantage in securing favourable financing arrangements for their projects. This competitive advantage is attractive, especially amongst companies seeking the certainty of a fixed price, turn-key delivery, with schedule, cost and performance warranties and guarantees.

Comprehensive integrated engineering technologies

We can orchestrate individual items of technical information prepared by each design discipline into comprehensive system information, which is precisely coordinated with and compatible to the procurement and/or the construction function.We continually seek new ways to improve processes and accepted designs.

High-tech application capabilities

We always maintain and make the best use of a variety of cutting-edge technologies of our proprietary and licensed processes, to solve our clients’ challenges.

Strong Client Relationships

The management team at AGE have successfully developed and maintain strong client relationships that new clients seek to bring into their projects and operations. Strong and positive client relationships are the competitive advantage which allows us to continually grow our client base.

Optimum alliance building

We are able to form alliances and complementarities with worldwide business partners to optimum solutions.

Advanced global networking

We can always respond to our clients’ needs on a global scale by taking full advantage of the merits of AGE’s network.