Our Ethics

AGE’s businesses demand a high degree of proximity with its customers. For this reason, the Group ensures that each of its employees fully understands his or her responsibility. This effort has led to the adoption of the anti-corruption policy, which is understood and  applied by each employee.


Our Ethics Policy Statement sets out our commitment to act honestly, fairly and with integrity at all times, to comply with the law, and to treat people with respect. By doing so, we earn the trust of our clients, employees, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Code of conduct

We conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and in an ethical responsible manner. Our Code of Conduct applies to all our people. It sets out the key principles that we are all committed to and which line management is responsible for communicating and implementing.
All employees are required to uphold our Code of Conduct, which is underpinned by an annual compliance and ethics e-learning campaign. In 2017 the focus of this e-learning was on what integrity means to us as individuals and as a company, and how to apply this understanding to ethical dilemmas that employees may face.