Our People

AGE works to fulfil its social responsibility by making diversity one of its top priorities. This involves taking steps to guarantee equal opportunity for all within the company and developing a charter that clearly states our commitments. These commitments are translated into concrete actions.

A diversity charter to communicate our commitments

Diversity is a central part of social responsibility and is, above all, a critical advantage: it stimulates the company’s development, boosts its image and improves employee satisfaction. For this reason, AGE has put in place a proactive policy to combat discrimination, and to promote equal opportunity and equal treatment. The policy is outlined in a diversity charter, which is communicated to employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Improving gender parity: an ongoing commitment

AGE works in a technical sector that remains dominated by Men from a demographic standpoint. For this reason, the company endeavours to strike a balance among its teams by promoting its businesses among women. To this end, the company leads communications efforts at engineering, business and technical schools all year round to increase understanding of the variety of businesses and activities available at AGE.

Moving towards more age diversity

Our senior employees are a source of crucial expertise, which they transmit to younger and/or less experienced employees.

Several efforts are undertaken at different entities all throughout the year to ensure the sharing of this expertise: specific tutoring, training and shadowing efforts, etc.

Facilitating employment for workers with disabilities

AGE is providing  on the local level  through a variety of efforts to facilitate  employment for workers with disabilities  : job retention, recruiting and integration, increased sourcing from companies employing disabled workers, and disability awareness and training.

Encouraging diverse backgrounds

We’re committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to avoiding unlawful discrimination throughout an employee’s career with the Company, starting with the recruitment and selection process and by providing ongoing support, training and development.

Our Policy complies with all relevant legislation and best practice, strives to create an inclusive working environment for all, and deals with any complaint of discrimination seriously.