Recruitment Scams

If you are concerned that you have been approached by AGE, or an agency claiming to represent us, we would like to encourage you to take steps to protect yourself from any fraudulent communication.

Here is what to look out for :

  • We don’t ask candidates for money at any stage of the recruitment process. We will not ask you to pay for insurances, training, immigration advice, etc.
  • Check the email address and any web addresses – our emails all end with "". Fraudsters will use something similar, but it cannot be the same.
  • We interview all our people. For onshore roles it will almost always be face-to-face, in one of our offices. For offshore roles it may be by phone, Skype or similar, but you will always talk to someone at AGE.
  • You will always be able to use a landline phone number, not just a mobile. If you have the name of someone you will be able to contact them via the switchboard phone numbers which you can find on our website under the Contacts section.
  • If you are asked to transfer money via Western Union or other similar money transfer organisations, the request will not be from AGE.
  • On our website you will see the logo and name of ‘AGE’ – if the logo and name look different to this on any documents, it is highly unlikely to be from AGE.
  • Recent fraudulent campaigns have included the names of real employees, these are taken from LinkedIn, so even if the name of the person supposedly contacting you seems real, it may not be.
  • If you are interested in a role at AGE we recommend you review the current vacancies list. If you can’t find what you want today, set up a job alert and a personal profile.

If you are still concerned, you may contact us via for further verification. We will endeavour to reply to you as soon as we can.

Applications are not accepted or processed via this email address, so please do not send them.