A Global Energy Training offers standard and customized trainings in the Industry, These trainings are designed to fulfill the specific needs of operators, engineers and students.We Craft our trainings to satisfy the specific needs of our clients


Our instructors include the leading technical experts in the industry. They are consultants who work on the leading projects, addressing the most pressing challenges the industry faces today.


AGE in partnership with Ensiate School, offer trainings that can lead to certifications. The courses cover various fields and target every actor of the industry. In face-to-face format, training sessions could be held in our premises or yours  to meet your company and/or your employees’ needs.


By successfully completing one of our courses, you can earn your Training Certificate, giving you the opportunity to boost your career . A Global Energy Training frequently partners with Ensiate School to offer locally Master’s Degree programs to companies looking to enhance their most promising employees’ skills and knowledge. These long programs allow our clients to prepare their future leaders.


Our entire training catalog of training is currently available in English and French transcending the language barrier and giving more choice flexibility.

The Next Dates of the Trainings


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